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Welcome to Eric Pement's home page. I'm a student at North Park Theological Seminary, and a graduate of North Park's School of Business and Nonprofit Management in Chicago. I've done web programming and Unix administration for groups as diverse as Moody Bible Institute and the Wrigley gum company. The navigation bar at the left indicates some of my interests and computer-type things I'd like to make available to others.

Pement family

The picture on the left was taken in December 2007. In the back row are myself and my dear wife Barbara, proudly wearing her medal from the infamous 2007 Chicago Marathon. She ran with the World Vision team to support orphans of AIDS in Africa. Barb is already planning on running the Chicago Marathon for 2008. Next to Barbara is our son John, now turning 18. John spent six months in Japan his junior year, and hopes to return in 2010. The Disney star Corbin Bleu is often asked if he is John Pement. He says, "No. I get that a lot."

Seated in front are Lavinia and John's twin sister, Lorelei. Lavinia is enrolled at Northern Illinois University, but when this photo was taken, she had just returned from a full semester at Nanjing University, so she's wearing a nice Chinese outfit. Right now, she's spending the Spring semester at Beijing University, but the University prefers the older spelling of "Peking." Sitting pretty next to Lavinia is Lorelei, also turning eighteen. Lorelei and John are students at Von Steuben high school. Lorelei is a skilled artist (charcoal, oil, pastel chalk, etc.) and has been taking advanced art courses for several years now. We're proud of her skills and abilities. (We also keep samurai swords at home, to keep unscrupulous boys away from our girls.)

Besides going to school, working at web stuff, and raising a family, I'm interested in learning more about God's Word and communicating thoughtfully with people who have a different point of view. From time to time, I'll post some musings on two blogs, located at http://unscriptedremarks.blogspot.com and at http://myspace.com/thinkthrough. I also support and work for a couple of ministries I highly respect:

  • Evangelical Ministries to New Religions
  • The Institute for Christian Apologetics
  • The Centers for Apologetics Research
  • Truly, I give thanks for whatever good I am or have accomplished to Jesus Christ, who saved me from a wasted life of self-absorption and aimlessness. He gave me a new life through the power of His Spirit, and—I firmly believe—He will one day return to claim this world He created and paid for. Like Bob Dylan sang in Slow Train Comin', "He's got plans of His own, to set up His throne, when He returns."

    The older I get, the more I realize how transitory this life is, and as much as I love math and tricky little computer programs, I really want you to understand this first and most of all:

    There is a living God who loves you, regardless of what you've done or the mess you've made of your life. All of us alike are sinners, and all of us have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who died in your place and rose from the dead, proving that your sin was cancelled by His blood and that He has power over death itself. Through Him we can have a fresh start, a new beginning, a new heart and eternal life with the Father. For more details, you may write me for a longer answer.

    My wife's testimony of how she came to know the Lord is here. Check back on this page from time to time, because I plan to add more pages on Christianity, the Bible, the whys of the Christian faith, and more computer-related stuff.

    Hebrew Fonts

    I took 2 semesters of Hebrew under Dr. James Bruckner, and told my classmates I would locate some free Hebrew fonts for their papers and study. Here they are.

    There are a lot of good sites that teach Hebrew to beginners, but here's a good one that uses the book Basics of Biblical Hebrew in its training: Hebrew2Hub. It offers pages and explanations on morphology, nouns, pronouns, verb paradigms, and lectures in slide and even audio files. It is truly impressive.

    I also have some free Greek fonts, as well.

    Link Bible verses

    One of my biggest Perl projects a few years ago was the creation of a Perl script to automatically generate links to Bible passages within a file of plaintext or pre-written HTML (or PHP or whatever). Biblical passages can be written or abbreviated in dozens of different ways, such as "1Jn 5:12" or "I John 5:12", and they may take a complex system of references as well: "John 3:3, 5, 7-8, 16; 8:28; 10:8-10" The trick was not only to recognize also when passages stop, but also to describe how to recognize when they may be continued on separate lines. The script also offers to link other formats which people often want hyperlinked, such as "chapter 4", "vv. 7-12", "cf. 14:6" and so forth.

    This was originally a script that I designed at Moody Bible Institute. I think the script deserves a wider audience, so if you have a task of generating hypertext references to biblical passages, this will probably do the trick for you. It's pretty sizable (about 1500 lines), so this isn't a brief script by any means. You may want to read the embedded technical details first, and if you want to download it, here it is . The current version of this script is version 1.27.

    Other stuff

    You'll find a few pages on software tools, text editing, sed, awk, batch files, 4DOS, HTML, and things related to text editing and word processing because I was sysop of the JPUSA BBS for six years, and was executive editor and general tech support for Cornerstone magazine before coming to North Park.

    There is also an obligatory page of miscellaneous links to items or info or programs I find useful and interesting.

    If you came here looking for something, I hope you find what you're looking for. If you were just mindlessly surfing (as I tend to do, against my better judgment on occasion), then I hope you stumbled across something new and stimulating. If you have feedback or comments, feel free to e-mail me.

    Thanks for visiting. God bless you!


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