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This is a developmental page only, and just keeps some files that I happen to like handy. Web techies might note that both the text in the block above and the wide snake-skin frame are semi-opaque (you can see behind them). It's an effect produced with cascading style sheets.

Files for download:

2003-06-19 17:46:02
62,694 bytes

BibleLink is a perl script to create HTML hyperlinks to Bible passages in a file. Handles references like "Jn 8:24; 10:1, 8-10" and "chapter 6" and lone refs like "(2:10-12)"; interaction usually required. Script remembers your previous choices. I wrote it for use at Moody Bible Institute.

2003-06-16 20:44:14
15,589 bytes

Version 1.10. 4DOS batch file to permit case-sensitive switch parsing under 4DOS/4NT. Support single-character option switches, string switches (-cfoo, -c "foo bar"), and numeric switches. Extensive documentation and 3 sample batch files. May be freely distributed. By Eric Pement, 16 June 2003.

2003-10-03 15:13:06
4,623 bytes

4DOS or 4NT batch file to check a file for graphics or control chars. Highbit chars and codes other than CR,LF,TAB will generate helpful message showing the offending char. Requires sed, od, & getopts. Hex/ASCII dump option also supported.

1999-06-05 02:10:00
12,487 bytes

DOS Batch file (v2.1) displays ASCII tables 00-FFh in decimal, binary, octal and hex in a VERY easy-to-understand format. Tables displayed in plain text or color if ANSI driver is loaded. Freeware by Eric Pement. Full-screen high-res screenshots of low ascii, control codes, high ascii, and the internal help menu for ASCBAT.

2003-11-05 14:28:27
3,002 bytes

Template for Multi-Edit version 9.x to enable automatic correction of 64 common spelling errors and typing mistakes. Installation instructions in the README.TXT file. More freeware written by Eric Pement.

1998-03-19 06:26:20
38,811 bytes

Keymaps and macro file for Multi-Edit for Windows v7.11/8.0 to make Multi-Edit emulate the keybindings for Emacs, including Ctrl-X and ESC prefixes. Installation docs included. Ver. 1.31 by Eric Pement. This file is not optimized for Multi-Edit version 9.+

2001-01-23 22:00:18
583 bytes

Keymap redefinition file to make PFE emulate the keybindings of GNU Emacs, (as much as possible) within PFE. Written by Eric Pement.

1999-03-17 23:01:48
465 bytes

Keymap redefinition file to make PFE emulate the keybindings of WordStar 4 (as much as possible) within PFE. Written by Eric Pement.

2003-06-16 22:06:38
2,159,254 bytes

Connect (a/k/a The IBM Handshaker), ver. 7.5, by Dima Orlov. In my opinion, the best Norton Commander clone available as freeware. It is a full-fledged DOS shell with a Borland-style interface supporting a powerful text editor (regexes, line-draw, formatting, syntax highlighting, vertical blocks, etc.), a multi-window hex editor, views text/dBASE/HTML files in structured format, file manager with support for 4DOS file descriptions which are preserved on file copy/move/ren, supports Win 9x/NT/2K long filenames, advanced filters, modem terminal, phone book, calendar, calculator, environment editor, CD Player(!), and more. The docs are in Russian, but right-clicking on any menu or option brings up English option boxes. Here is a somewhat longer description

You can get the latest version with the source code from the Connect home page, but the file download is fairly slow, so I'm putting it on my server in the United States for quicker download times. And for those who require screen shots before downloading, here are four: [one], [two], [three], and several on [an OS/2 page]. Though this is a DOS console app, I use it on my Win2000 system, and it works just fine. As with all freeware, the risks of using it are yours, not mine.

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