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Greek Fonts

Several of the fonts below were obtained from www.areopag.com ,a Russian-English website with a focus on academic theological studies. (As of 2004-01-22, this site was shut down by hackers. Hopefully, it will be back up very soon.)

I just discovered that I accidentally posted a commercial font, Graeca, copyrighted by Phil Payne of Linguist's Software. That font has now been deleted. Anyone who has downloaded "graeca.zip" from me should delete the zip file and the font (if they installed it). Phil emailed me to point out the error, and in return I should inform you of his web site, which produces some interesting font sets. Some special ones of interest are:

  • Graeca II and Hebraica II - one Greek and one Hebrew TrueType font at student prices ($39.95)
  • LaserGreek - a set of 9 Greek fonts in TrueType and ATM formats. See what they look like here ($99.95).
  • The NT MSS font collection - a set of 16 fonts that mimic nearly identically the manuscript style of the most ancient NT manuscripts. Must be seen to be appreciated ($99.95–$249.95).

Other fonts I have removed from this site after discovering they were commercial sofware are:

  • greek.zip and greekpar.zip (were commercial fonts)
  • hel_cour.zip and hel_fun.zip (were English fonts, not Greek!)
  • greekofa.zip, greekofa_up.zip, and greekofc.zip (formerly issued separately as shareware; now not to be distributed apart from "Son of WinGreek", below.)
  • sfonts11.zip (an earlier shareware version of the Silver Mountain fonts, now released as sfonts20.exe)

Fonts for free use

The following fonts will not cost you a penny to download, install, and use for whatever purpose you intend, except that you may not sell it or claim that you wrote it. Sometimes the fonts are free under certain terms (e.g., the instructions must always accompany the font). Please note that a font may be copyrighted, yet still be released by for public use.

  • TekniaGreek - If you bought the textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, it came with similar TrueType Greek font called "Mounce." However, the Mounce font had a restricted license (from Zondervan), meaning that you couldn't give it away. So Teknia's founder, Bill Mounce, made a new font, TekniaGreek, which "is absolutely free without any restrictions" (direct quote). He also improved the font, so that typists can use the very same key commands on both Mac and Windows computers. Also, if you use Microsoft Word, this font won't collide with Word's “smartquotes” (which happens with the commercial GramCord font).
  • SIL Greek Font System - actually, a collection of 6 fonts from the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Contains Biblical Greek fonts (Regular and Bold), a collection of rarely used linguistic characters (Regular and Bold), plus a special Transliteration font of the English alphabet with diacritical marks and accents (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic).
  • SIL Greek Unicode Fonts - major package of the Galatia SIL Greek Unicode fonts, "encoded according to Unicode 3.1" for "Latin-1, Greek (excluding Coptic), Macintosh character set (US Roman), and 850WE/Latin 1, and are supplied in Regular and Bold weights," plus additional material. Available "at no charge," but you cannot use this font as the basis for making other fonts or sell this package to others.
  • Textual apparatus characters - if you have seen the signs and special characters used in the textual apparatus of the UBS Greek New Testament or the Novum Testamentum Graece you will know that these symbols and sigla are fairly hard to locate. These fonts will let you access the same symbols as used in the 27th edition of Nestle-Aland. Enjoy!

In the following entries, the KB size in parenthesis is the size of the ZIP file, not the size of the font. In a number of cases, there is no copyright information or name of the font's creator/owner embedded in the font-file, nor any available documentation. I have indiated this where possible.

  • Ancient Greek (57 KB). GREEK.TTF, Greek, ver 1.000, © 1993 by Peter J. Gentry and Andrew M. Fountain. Requires this keyboard utility: KeyMan32 (381 KB)
  • BSTGreek (16 KB). Bstgreek.ttf, © 1998 by Media Management. Public domain.
  • GreekFP (16KB). greekfp.ttf, ver. 1.00. No copyright designation, no documentation.
  • HW Greek (15 KB). hwgreek.ttf, ver 1.0, 9 July 1997. No copyright information, no documentation. Seems designed to look like "hand-written" Greek.
  • Ismini Regular (86 KB). Ismini Type1, Type3, and TrueType Greek font for PCs. ISMINI__.TTF, by N. Goulandris, 1986-1993. No copyright designation, no documentation.
  • Koine Medium (17 KB) koinm___.ttf. No copyright information, no documentation.

Free-but-restricted font

The following fonts are free for non-profit or educational use only. If you use the fonts for any commercial purpose whatsoever, you have to pay the author a licensing fee. Sometimes there are additional or different restrictions. Details are inside each zip file.

  • Galilee Greek Font - available in Unicode and non-Unicode versions, regular, bold and italic faces. TrueType sans serif font. Web page says this font "freely available for non-commercial, academic purposes", with the explanation that "I consider 'non-commercial' to include publishing of printed material so long as it does not profit because of the use of the Galilee font per se." (See the web page for additional terms and conditions.)
  • Scholars Press fonts - eight fonts available (3 Hebrew, 2 Greek, plus Syriac Estrangela, Coptic, and a transliteration font), in TrueType for either Macintosh or Windows. The Greek ones are SPIonic ("a more complete Greek font") and SPDoric ("a simpler uncial font"). They may be used for any non-commercial purpose and "also may be used in printed material," but if they are used "in a commercial electronic product (online, CD-ROM, etc.)", then the user "must get permission from Jimmy Adair, the copyright holder, prior to use."
  • SP Ionic (17 KB; ttf) - Scholars Press (above) recommends this one as the standard Greek font
  • SP Doric (9 KB; ttf) - a simple uncial script from Scholars Press (above)
  • Athenian (22 KB). ATHENIAN.TTF, Athenian, © 1991 by American Philological Association; designed by Jeffrey Rusten. This font is free for display only; but if you want to type accented Greek characters, you must purchase a Greekkeys utility from Scholar's Press Software ($50).
  • Koine Italic - a pleasant, free italic font for Koine Greek. This is at least available for free use in display, but the web page doesn't give any other data on licensing or limits. Has no diacritics and says © Zondervan, 1992, so I'd use it only for viewing articles from the LeadershipU web page.

Shareware or time-limited use

The following fonts are distributed as "shareware", usually with a limitation that you may use them legally for 30 days without registration. After that, you must either purchase them for a fee or else delete them from your computer.

  • Son of WinGreek - This page will download 2 different .EXE files, one for Windows 9x/NT/2000 and another for Windows 3.x/9x (yes, either version will work with Win95 or Win98). It will install Greek Old Face by Ralph Hancock in both Type1 and TrueType versions, using a Windows installer and a special keyboard mapping utility that runs under Microsoft Word. The documentation asks that the Greek Old Face fonts, which Mr Hancock formerly distributed as shareware for $20, not be distributed separately any more. US$28 is requested; additional fonts are available after the registration fee is paid.
  • Milan Greek (112 KB) - milan.ttf, ver. 1.0, © 1996 by Ralph Hancock, asking a fee of US$20.
  • Korinthus (71 KB) - Contains both Normal and Italic TrueType fonts in classical Greek. The accompanying documentation says, "The designer would be touchingly grateful if you could see your way to pay a small shareware fee for" the font. An amount of US$19 is strongly encouraged but not absolutely required.
  • Silver Mountain fonts - Basic Hebrew and Greek TrueType fonts. Contains a Windows installer. Font sgreek ver 2.0 now works with Word 97. $20
  • Symbol MW (603 KB) - This archive contains free (public domain) Hebrew and chemical symbol fonts, plus shareware fonts in Greek, English, and warning symbols. He says shareware "means that you are allowed to test them, but you have to pay if you want to use them." The Greek fonts are available in regular, bold, italic, and bold italic for US$20.

Commercial font sources

Here are some links to commercial font vendors. You have to pay a licensing fee for these fonts, regardless of how they're used.

  • Linguist's Software - see extended description, above.
  • BibleScript fonts - 5 fonts (2 Greek, 1 Hebrew, 2 transliteration) which are free for display of Greek text while using a web browser only; all users pay a $39.95 licensing fee to Galaxie Software.
  • Archaeological I - in various paleo-Hebrew and Greek fonts, and Archaeological II in Egyptian, Sumerian, and Assyrian.
  • Mazenta fonts with a variety of classical Greek typing systems and font packs.

Installation instructions

  1. Download a font to your PC
  2. Unzip the compressed ZIP file with your preferred zip utility
  3. Go to the Start button, choose Settings -> Control Panel
  4. Click the Fonts icon. Drag the font that you unzipped into the Fonts folder. If necessary, restart Netscape or Internet Explorer. That's it!

Other sources on the net

  • Computers and Writing Systems - A metapage put together by SIL, with many articles on encoding
  • Gentium - A typeface family that is "freely available and may be used by anyone at no cost"; supports "a wide range of Latin-based alphabets," including Greek, archaic Greek symbols, and other characters. A project in continuous development.
  • Fonts for Scholars - Latin, Germanic languages, Greek, Hebrew, other linguistics
  • Dr. Berlins Foreign Font Archive - Properly listed as "The Foreign Language Font Archive for Windows".
  • Direct link to Dr. Berlin's Greek fonts
  • Foreign fonts for Windows - Another vendor with many, many links to information on fonts in other languages
  • Greek Fonts - Some of these fonts may be free or shareware. I haven't tried to download any from this page.


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