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As you can tell, I'm a full-time student at North Park. Here are some things that help me function successfully as an NPU student:

  1. Access to some really cool databases
  2. How to get cheap books and software
  3. Other student pages which live on the North Park student servers (You can't find this list anywhere on the NPU website!)

Direct links to useful resources at North Park
Some of these only work with student ID

Cheap books for students

Cheap software for students

If you specifically ask for "academic versions" since you are in school, you can usually get much cheaper prices than even sale prices at major outlets. You are usually required to FAX or mail a photocopy of your current student ID to get academic discount prices. I've seen some very good prices at www.campustech.com , www.pcprogress.com , and www.pricewatch.com on discount academic software. If you know of any other good software sources for students, let me know also! Thanks.

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Web pages by other North Park students

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