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Changes since last edition

When I modify anything on this web site, all the pages are changed (except the sed pages). Upshot is, you can't trust the "Last modified" tag at the bottom of any particular page, since it actually refers to when I last updated anything, anywhere. This page lists all the changes, corrections, and so forth, in reverse chronological order.

2005 Dec 6

  • Redid the home page, including a new photo of my family. A bit more current, this one, and some updates on the schools my kids attend.
  • Added yet another article, "Seven Reasons for Swearing," which I probably wrote in 1998. As soon as I figure out the real date, I'll update the copyright.

2004 Jan 23

  • Massive revision of my Greek fonts page, prompted by the accidental posting of a commercial font. It was about time, since that page was long overdue for an overhaul anyway. Next step ... Hebrew!!

2003 Dec 03

  • New file: Gay Debate in the Church — an article I wrote in 1983 for Cornerstone magazine, which is especially timely in December 2003.
  • Updated file: new workaround for a Win2K bug in the MiniTrue file replacement utility

2003 Nov 25

  • Fixed an important typo in an awk script on using the system command to pass part of a file to an external utility for modification, while leaving the rest of the file intact.
  • Autocorrect template for Multi-Edit ver. 9.x, to enable Multi-Edit to automatically correct typing mistakes, just like Microsoft Word. Fixes over 64 common typos and errors.

2003 Nov 18

  • Expanded info on the Book of Mormon and the ministry of Bob Passantino.
  • A developmental page to show off some very minor web trickery, and to keep some files that I would like to share with others.

2003 May 1

2003 July 22

2003 Mar. 12

  • Updated the Bible Link Perl script
  • Updated the longest.awk script to display the longest line in a file

2003 Feb. 21

2002 Dec. 31

  • Updated the home page, current family photo and other comments.
  • Now have a page of older articles, essays, and reviews ("Writings")
  • Updated awk 1-liners with another script, comment about percent sign under DOS
  • Added a new "titlecase.awk" script
  • Added the Awk FAQ (how could I forget?!)
  • Added a link to www.campustec.com on the North Park page

2002 Nov. 04

  • This page itself is new - the first appearance!
  • JPUSA page - added a link to Kim White
  • JPUSA page - added a link to Kevin Frank
  • Greek Fonts page - fixed a link to Symbol MW
  • home and Perl page - posted the latest version of BibleLink (v1.25)

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