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Greek Fonts

Most of the fonts in the listing below were obtained from www.areopag.com, a new Russian-English website with a focus on academic theological studies. A few of these fonts are shareware, so you can only use them legally for 30 days without registration. I have not personally examined each of these ZIP files, so I cannot vouch for the integrity of their contents. When I get time, I will re-divide this listing into fully-free and shareware fonts. If I find any commercial fonts, I will delete them. ——E.N.P.

From www.areopag.com

More Greek fonts I found

  • TekniaGreek - If you bought the textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, it came with similar TrueType Greek font called "Mounce." However, the Mounce font had a restricted license (from Zondervan), meaning that you couldn't give it away. So Teknia's founder, Bill Mounce, made a new font, TekniaGreek, which you can give away for free. He also improved the font, so that typists can use the very same key commands on both Mac and Windows computers. Also, if you use Microsoft Word, this font won't collide with Word's “smartquotes” (which happens with the GramCord font).
  • Koine Italic - a pleasant, free italic font for Koine Greek. Haven't tried it, but since the TekniaGreek font prints in Regular/Bold only, you might like this italic alternative.
  • SIL Greek Font System - actually, a collection of 6 fonts from the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Contains Biblical Greek fonts (Regular and Bold), a collection of rarely used linguistic characters (Regular and Bold), plus a special Transliteration font of the English alphabet with diacritical marks and accents (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic).
  • Textual apparatus characters - if you have seen the signs and special characters used in the textual apparatus of the UBS Greek New Testament or the Novum Testamentum Graece you will know that these symbols and sigla are fairly hard to locate. These fonts will let you access the same symbols as used in the 27th edition of Nestle-Aland. Enjoy!

Installation instructions

  1. Download a font to your PC
  2. Unzip the compressed ZIP file with your preferred zip utility
  3. Go to the Start button, choose Settings -> Control Panel
  4. Click the Fonts icon. Drag the font that you unzipped into the Fonts folder. If necessary, restart Netscape or Internet Explorer. That's it!

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